Get your hands on some good grass.

        Get your hands on some good grass.


Your soil is a living AND breathing organism. Its health is a function of the symbiotic relationship between the micro-herds of organisms and the available organic matter suspended in a granular material.

The organic matter should contain an extensive menu of biodegradables to provide the environment necessary to sustain biological life. In other words, Nature’s organisms must consume the biodegradable matter to release back into the soil the nutrients, minerals and carbon dioxide necessary for a healthy topsoil.

There is a very easy and inexpensive way to measure the CO2 level in your soil. The results will indicate the population of organisms and therefore your soil’s health. Simply put, the higher the amount of CO2 the larger the micro-herd of organisms. More organisms equal a healthier soil.

You can easily do onsite, a “Carbon Dioxide Burst Test”. This very economical soil respiration test can be purchased at buxtonhollowfarm.com or by calling 401-767-6700. A Soil Inoculant to increase the amount of Nature’s organisms is also available, Buxton Hollow Farm® ORGANIC Compost Tea, a time honored, tried and true recipe for the serious grower and the health conscious gardener.


Happy gardening,
Frank & Nancy Jacques

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