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There is a booming market growing in the New England and its cannabis is also know as giggle sticks, pot, Mary Jane, refeer, grass, buds, flowers, dank, headies, kind … etc. As more states approve medical dispensaries the patients and caregivers are losing the rights to grow. I am happy for the recent advancement in studies of how the body receives cannabis by mapping the of endocannabinoid receptors throughout the human body. We also greatly appreciate testimonies from patients about the benefits of cannabis and what it has done to stop or help with medical issues while for years pharmaceutical medicine has failed. We must insure that current methods remain in place with caregivers and patient rights to grow their own and not to use automated, chemical or modified cannabis that been provided by commercial industry. When a commercial business opens its bottom line is profit, not to say making money is wrong, but they choose options that do not benefit the patient. I appeal to all patients, let your state know that it’s your American right to have organically grown cannabis with mandatory testing for each crop. It is sad when patients only have access to cannabis only grown in chemicals fertilizers and not been tested safely. I believe forcing cannabis with chemical fertilizer destroys the true value of the medicine that cannabis can produce. Make your dispensary more accountable, make them produce only organicly grown cannabis and hemp in our USA.

By Omar Barnes