The Fundamentals

What does Compost Tea do?

The Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Bag and Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Pot create an aerated compost tea. For hundreds of years this concept has created optimum levels of food and oxygen to promote growth and reproduction of the microherd (a collection of microbes, bacteria, nematodes and fungi) in the compost allowing it to break down organic material.

How does it help plant growth?

Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea should not be thought of as a fertilizer but rather as a healthy soil nutrient more accurately described as a soil or foliar inoculant to be used in combination with other organic gardening practices to complement and enhance, not replace, basic composting. There are many benefits of Compost Tea, including containing BILLIONS of beneficial organisms that will live over months and sometimes years eating up insoluble organic matter breaking it down into more soluble nutrients for plants.

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Some people prefer the anaerobic or bottled compost teas simply because they are easier to apply. These teas do not provide the true benefits; the microorganisms die from the lack of oxygen after 10 days in the bottled solution. Recent research has proven that the aerobic microherd populations fight diseases and plant pathogens and more importantly, aerobic tea reduces the risk of promoting unhealthy organisms that are created in anaerobic tea.

Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea aerobic tea reduces offensive smells in the compost tea and breaks down the poisons and pathogens into safe nutrients. Aerated teas can also be used to greatly speed up the decomposition process of compost piles activating the soil to speed up the composting process.

Who's it for?

Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea was created for those of you who enjoy growing your own garden without the use of chemical fertilizers. You can create your own microherd of microbes, bacteria, nematodes and fungi with the Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea, brewed in Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Pot. Serve up your plants the technology that encourages healthy soil which, in turn, creates the optimum environment for thriving plant growth.

The Buxton Hollow Farm® Tea Bag & Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Pot produce powerful aerated compost teas, maybe more powerful than any commercial natural soil amendment on the market today.

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