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Buxton Hollow Farm® continues an 18th century sustainable farming tradition providing natural & organic farm products to the health conscious and environmentally friendly grower.

Organic Compost Tea

The Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Bag and Buxton Hollow Farm® Compost Tea Pot create an aerated compost tea.

For hundreds of years this concept has created optimum levels of food and oxygen to promote growth and reproduction of the microherd (a collection of microbes, bacteria, nematodes and fungi) in the compost allowing it to break down organic material.

Great group of folks, and well, I am a believer! Last season a group of early girl tomato plants produced an average of ten with compost tea, & just four with water. I have yet to have mold and the vegetable production is outstanding. Its safe and healthy and the vegetables DO NOT lose that fresh garden taste. I could go on and on. Thanks Buxton Hollow.”

-Bob Jalette

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Compost Tea's Functional Applications

Soil Inoculant

Buxton Hollow Farm’s Organic Compost Tea Recipe incubates a micro-herd of beneficial organisms that consume biodegradable materials while releasing a full spectrum of nutrients and minerals.  This process increases your plants ability to absorb the nutrients it needs for maximum growth and flower/fruit production.

Foliar Spray

When used to spray your plants and garden, Buxton Hollow Farm’s Organic Compost Tea provides an organic solution to protect your plants and garden from disease and pests such as powdery mildew, blight, stem rot, spider mites, and many more. Foliar applications also deliver several nutrients and minerals that are absorbed through plant leaves and stems.  Foliar sprays are very helpful in solving many nutrient deficiencies.

Hydroponic Nutrient

Our Organic Compost Tea recipe provides a full spectrum nutrient solution that can be used to grow plants in hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic applications. This solution can be used as a standalone nutrient or in conjunction with other synthetic or organic nutrients.

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